Hotel Cateia Games 2010

Croatian developer follows up The Legend of Crystal Valley with this paranormal mystery designed to be easily accessible to genre newcomers, providing a lite adventure experience that anyone can play. The hotel in question is the deluxe Bellevue Hotel in France, a converted medieval castle now owned by the wealthy Greenleaf family. As posh as it is, New York police detective Bridget (“Biggi”) Brightstone doesn’t want to be there. She was enjoying a relaxing vacation on the beach when her boss called in a favour to investigate a curious case of personal importance. A valuable necklace has gone missing, and its unidentified owner now lies in a coma for reasons also unknown. Reluctantly, Biggi accepts, and soon finds herself standing before the hotel's imposing stone edifice. Naturally, this being an adventure, even getting through the doors is no easy task, but the first hurdle merely sets up the opportunity for an onscreen tutorial to walk players through the basic gameplay mechanics. The angry local investigator is doing his best to keep Bridget away from the crime scene, unmarked secret passages abound, legendary ancient Egyptian artifacts keep turning up, and what’s with the ghosts? Yes, right, the Bellevue is rumoured to be haunted, and Biggi herself is witness to several surreal events that can’t be scoffed away. Are there really supernatural forces at work, or is it all just a really bad dream of some kind? That’s what players will need to figure out for themselves. To do so, you’ll need to solve a variety of different puzzles along the way. Many of the organic obstacles are solved with inventory collection (and sometimes combination), from smashing down barriers to creating distractions to repairing broken equipment, but there are a handful of other puzzles to contend with as well. Whether it’s aligning patterns, solving sliders, or matching symbols to cryptic clues, there's always something ready to test your logic. A Collectors Edition includes: characters biography, integrated strategy guide, bonus art and desktop wallpapers, and bonus music.
German ISO Demo 572MB (uploaded by Molitor)
English Collector's Edition - Full Demo 201MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Repack Full Demo with German Voice-Overs + English subtitles and menus 190MB (uploaded by rastan saga)

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