Hugo: The Evil Mirror ITE - Interactive Television Entertainment 2002

This action adventure game is crammed with entertainment, players can change between playing Trollerit, Trollerat and Trollerut on an exciting quest to save Hugo. There is tons of fun and adventure in the Evil Mirror, the question is, who is brave enough to take up this daring quest? Each of the three children has unique abilities; Trollerut has a double jump, Trollerat has a snowball catapult and Trollerit has his sledge in the Boar race. The gameplay is well thought out and with six different tracks it is always exciting. On each level Hugo's children can gain strength and skills that they can transfer to each other and to Hugo. The game is designed with a high replay value in mind. It has three levels of difficulty that are differentiated by stronger, faster and increasing numbers of enemies and with less time to spend. The hi-score list shows times and scores for each level and for overall performance, making it easy to compete with friends.
ISO Demo 591MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Nordic ISO Demo 583MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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