Inhabited Island: The Earthling [Ru] Step Creative Group / Akella 2007

This Russian adventure has an original storyline based on a bestselling novel by the Strugatsky brothers. A couple more minutes and you would have been dead. Dead inside the twisted, smoking remains of your crashed ship. As you struggle to stay on your feet watching the smouldering wreckage you realize that the Free Search Group you fly for wont reach this far out again. Not for a long while. So now Max Kammerer is going to have to find his own way home, and you know it's not going to be easy. This world of Sarraksh, upon which our hero is stranded, is a decaying civilization. After years of the nuclear conflict the resources of this world are severely drained and the society seems doomed, close to a new conflict. Can Max find a way to get off this troubled world before he gets embroiled in its problems or is it already too late? It features photorealistic graphics and 10 chapters with more than 100 unique locations.
Russian DVD ISO Demo 3.62GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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