Inherit The Earth: Quest For The Orb The Dreamer's Guild / New World Computing 1994

In this game you are Rif, a young fox, who is falsely accused of stealing the magical orb of storms. This orb is capable of predicting when storms will arrive. Obviously this is important to farmers, but it is just as important to the boar tribe, for their supply of mud. You'll have to find the Orb and the real thief, to clear your name, save your girlfriend and prevent war with the boar tribe. While you're doing this you'll encounter a much larger mystery: What is the origin of the tribes? Legend has it that the humans gave the animals the power of thought and speech, and then vanished. Who were they and what happened to them? This is a marvelous family adventure. The puzzles in the game are somewhat academic, but the vibrant graphics, bright story and likeable characters make this an enjoyable game for children of all ages.
Free High & Low Quality OGG Vorbis Soundtrack v1.0 34MB/7MB (@ James Woodcock)
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