Jinxter Magnetic Scrolls / Rainbird Software 1987

Aquatania has recently become the land of misfortunes, due to a group of plotting witches. The task of finding five charms and a magic bracelet to put things right falls on you. And you need a change of luck, because events in this game often emphasise the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. You get hit by a car, fall a great height, sprayed with cheese sandwich and more. Being the guinea pig in this strange world will drive you insane - if this jinxed land doesn't do it first. Jinxter is an interactive fiction with graphics title that takes a realistic world of people and situations, and then plays with the boundaries to create a strange and puzzling world. Characters are all getting on with their own tasks, and getting them to help you is usually a case of making sure something's in it for them. Dialogue aims to add a comic touch to proceedings. Puzzles can often be solved in multiple ways, but the most obvious way is not always the correct one. Due to the presence of a Guardian, you can't actually die. This third adventure from MagneticScrolls continues the company's reputation as one of the most inventive creators of interactive fiction. The game's contents included an assortment of items that rivals Infocom's in terms of "freebie" quality: a floppy disk containing the game, a copy o f a fictional newspaper called "The Independent Guardian" which doubles as a game manual, a standard registration form, and a beermat. Literally, the game is simply brilliant. All the descriptions of places, things, people and events are long, some taking several on-screen pages. All of them are written with tongue-in-cheek humor that fans of the Monty Python will appreciate. The parser is much improved over the already excellent one used in previous games, and understands multiple sentences, pronouns, "all" and "except" constructions, and more. The puzzles, as usual, are very imaginative, and there is no maze in sight - a great feature common to all Magnetic Scrolls games that really attests to their mastery of the genre. In 2019, Jinxter Revived was released by Strand Games which restored and improved the game and adapted it for modern devices, with a vastly improved UI. Features: Ten new illustrations for locations; Touch-Text Commands - Tap "links" in the text to perform commands without typing; Game specific word suggestion - Tap suggested words from the word bar during input to save time; Sidebar Inventory - All your things are conveniently listed in a sidebar with icons. Drag and drop to use them or to apply them to things in the main text; Dynamic Map - No need to draw out the map, we do it for you. As you explore the game, the map page will expand. Tap any previous room on the map to "fast-goto" that location; Compass Rose - Quickly navigate with a handy compass gadget. It shows the available exits at all times, simply tap to move; Ambient Sounds - Some locations have background sounds, making them more realistic. The new facilities make the original game fun and entertaining to play on modern mobiles. No more dead ends; the remaster has multi-level undo as well as save/load game.
Full Demo 616kb ( @ XTC Abandonware)
Jinxter Revived - Screenshots

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