Journey, The (Alice In Chains - Music Bank) Alice in Chains / Sony Music 1999

Music Bank was a compilation of the music group Alice in Chains' unreleased and released material on four disks. On the fourth cd, it included this adventure game of exploration called The Journey not unlike Queensryche's Promised Land. The game's soundtrack is composed completely of riffs and chorus lines from songs on the Music Bank disks. Alice in Chains has always had a dark nature to their music and the game’'s visuals reflect that perfectly. The gamer is transported to a Wonderland-gone-wrong type world where, contrary to common belief, rock music is NOT the Devil's music. The Devil has decided to rid the world of the positive effects of music beginning with Alice in Chains. Yes, an unlikely story, but at least a plot twist of sorts. The four members of Alice in Chains have been kidnapped. The gamer must travel to the depths of Purgatory to reclaim the souls of the Alice in Chains' members in the form of dolls. This game is a Macromedia Projector movie with limited interaction. There is no real interface as the game does not allow saving. This is unfortunate as the game takes 30-45 minutes to complete even when the player knows how to solve the puzzles. There are four worlds, one for each band member: Layne Staley, Sean Kinney, Mike Inez, and Jerry Cantrell. There are video clips, interviews, and assorted other goodies on the cd as well.
ISO Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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