JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade Knowledge Adventure 2002

The game focuses on a racing tournament run on scooters that takes place in JumpStart Ville, the hometown of all the characters in this version of the canon. Jimmy, a typical school bully, pushes a dog named Squirt, causing him to fall off and break his scooter just before the tournament starts. Since the prize for winning the race is a new, "totally tricked out" Super Scooter, the other protagonistic characters decide they must win the tournament so they can give the new scooter to Squirt. Jimmy is very good at scooter races, however, so in order to win, the characters must upgrade their scooters with gadgets. The basic goal of the game is to win the JumpStart Ville scooter tournament; specifically, the user must win two races on each track while playing the track's owner. The first race is a race against two other also-playable characters controlled by CPUs, while the second race is against one of these characters and Jimmy as well. By playing educational activities, the user earns "power-ups" that can be transformed into gadgets and track obstacles via machines created by Hopsalot. Placing all of the available obstacles on a track will unlock it. The obstacles, however, are difficult to get past unless gadgets are added to scooters, and end up slowing the user down if a gadget is not used. Ideally, all of the gadgets should be added to every character's scooter. After all of the main characters' tracks are completed, Jimmy's track is unlocked, and the game is completed when it is won. As in other JumpStart games, the difficulty level of the problems in JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade can be set to three different levels. In addition, the gameplay level can also be set for some games. Higher gameplay levels generally mean more enemies and faster speed. Revised versions were later released - v2.0 and then in 2010 v3.0.
ISO Demo 327MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
2010 4CD ISO Demo v3.0 (CD1 is Jumpstart 3D Virtual World: Trouble in Town) 1.84GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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