Betrayal at Krondor Dynamix, Inc. 1993

Set in Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar universe (the saga was co-written by Feist himself), this is a medieval fantasy-themed role-playing game. The story begins as Gorath, a moredhel (dark elf) renegade, who intended to warn the people of Krondor of the upcoming moredhel invasion, is attacked by an assassin. Locklear, a nobleman who serves the crown of Krondor, and a young magician named Owyn decide to accompany Gorath to Krondor, where they'll have to think of a plan to stop the moredhel leader Delekhan. The game's story is divided into nine chapters. Each chapter has a goal to achieve before moving on to the next one, but the player is given considerable freedom to explore the vast world of the game and undertake side quests. Gorath, Locklear, and Owyn are the first party of characters the player controls; however, characters may leave and others may join the party later, as dictated by the events of the story. Exploration takes place in a 3D world viewed from first-person perspective. Towns, however, are presented as a series of still screens representing locations (temple, tavern, in, etc.). Combat takes place on separate grid-based screens. The player moves the characters on these screens in a turn-based fashion, attacking physically, defending, and casting spells. Only two character classes are present in the game: fighters and magicians. Fighters use swords or crossbows (for long-ranged attacks); magicians can fight with staves, or cast spells. Characters have four attributes: health, strength, speed, and stamina. The latter is depleted when a character uses weapons or casts magic. The role-playing system of the game relies on skills. Each character has a set of skills, ranging from weapon proficiencies to abilities such as bartering or stealth. Skills improve after continuous usage. The player can "emphasize" a skill in order to make it improve faster. The CD-ROM enhanced version of the game released in 1994 includes additional goodies: 5-minute interview with Feist, Windows-based hint system, and Redbook audio soundtrack.
Full Demo 9MB (uploaded by GamesWin)
Full Demo 10MB (uploaded by DopeRoms)
Full Demo 17MB (uploaded by Juego Viejo)
ISO Demo 341MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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