La Abadia Del Crimen [Sp] Opera Soft 1988

The development of the game is based on the Umberto Eco's novel "The Name of the Rose", on which Guillermo de Baskerville along with his intrepid disciple Adzo de Melk have orders on the part of Abad of an Abbey (Abadia) forgotten of the hand of God, to clarify certain crimes that are granted to the hand of the Devil. In Spain, it is still considered like one of the best games of all times. It wasn't possible to talk with Umberto Eco, the author of "The Name of the Rose", so the authors of the game decided, after three months, that it would be called "La Abadia del Crimen" ("The Abbey of crime"). A free remake was released in 2005 with VGA 256 colours, True Color graphics and Sound Blaster sound. In 2016, The Abbey of Crime Extensum, a modern remake was released by Manuel Pazos & Daniel Celemín.
Freeware VGA Remake (@ Official Site)
Full Demo (@ Computeremuzone)
The Abbey of Crime Extensum - Free Fan-Made Remake (uploaded by Steam)

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