Last Half Of Darkness WRF Studios 1999

This is an updated version of a 1991 game that the producer has been revising and updating ever since those early years, and the game has developed its own small but very dedicated group of fans. This first cd release has a creepy story, that while a little basic, is a pretty good one. The interface is mouse-controlled, and its simplicity allowed it to play on virtually any machine, especially as the developer did a good job of making sure it kept up with newer operating systems. The puzzles were a little challenging, but not enough to hold up progress for long. But best of all was the prevailing cheesy high camp horror. This was a night with Elvira or the skin-challenged Crypt Keeper. Your aunt was some sort of witch - a good witch though, practicing only good spells and magic. In fact, she was working on a potion just before she was killed. Now the secret will go to the grave with her unless you can find the missing ingredients. You, being her only living heir received news and came quickly to find out that she had plans for you to continue with her work. You will gain title to her estate and her fortune, but only if you continue with her studies in the field of magic.
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Copy protection codes (uploaded by idmeples)
ISO Demo 106MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Full Demo 63MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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