Legend Of Djel Timeline Computer Entertainment / Tomahawk / Coktel Vision 1989

This is a point-and-click adventure (without mouse support on the DOS version). You play the role of a gnome named Djel. You have three basic missions: Find the daughter of Azeulisses, brew a magic potion for Theros and try to obtain a certain amount of Gold for the starving members of Kal's tribe. In the beginning these persons give you some items to support you on your quest. It's probably Coktel's only action game and is very strange. It combines quick reflexes with minimal strategic elements. The plot casts you as wizard Djel who must win back the confidence of his people by defeating various monsters and ultimately grand wizard Hokram in a magical joust. In a setting similar to the later Ween: The Prophecy, you must find various objects to please various sages and wizards in order to obtain ingredients and powers needed to fight the bad guys.
Full Demo 350kb (@ My Abandonware)

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