Legend Of Lotus Spring, The Women Wise, Xing-Xing / DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. 1999

This game brings to life a 19th century Chinese love story between an emperor and his mistress. You play in first person through the eyes of Xian Feng, emperor of the Manshu dynasty Qing, as he recalls memories of his time with his lovely concubine, He Han Qu, whom he affectionately named Lotus Spring. Explore one of China's most historic and beautiful locations, Yuan Ming Yuan (the Garden of Perfect Brightness), where Lotus Spring spent her life after being banished to that place by the jealous Dowager Empress CiXi, the emperor's first wife. Wander leisurely through lush Chinese gardens, flower-bordered pathways and authentically recreated buildings as the bittersweet story unfolds. You'll learn about the culture and traditions of China as a natural part of the storytelling. As objects are examined, collected and used you'll unlock Feng's memories of his relationship with Lotus Spring one by one. The game employs still graphic backgrounds with QuickTime technology for motion and video cut-scenes.
Full Demo with emulated Win95 803MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
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Russian bootleg 2CD ISO Demo 959Mb (uploaded by Egon68)
Proper 2CD ISO Demo 948MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Clone 2CD ISO Demo 957MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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