Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out! Sierra On-Line 1993

Larry 6 featured improved video and sound, and also returned to the earlier Sierra philosophy of "punishing" wrong moves with player death. However, the deaths were only for humor's sake, as a "Try Again" button allowed the player to reverse the mistake. In at least one case, however, the player could reach a dead end from which the game could not be completed. It was also the first game to be released the next year in a CD edition with voices, better graphics and higher resolution compared to the floppy version. At the outset of LSL6, Larry is alone again with no explanation of what happened to Patti. He wins a visit to a luxurious resort spa called La Costa Lotta. He gets the worst room and worst service of all. His aim is simply to meet and have sex with eight women. Though this always fails for a reason or another, each of these encounters leaves him with an object he can offer to Shamara Payne, a New Age enthusiast. (Shamara plays the "True Love" role in that winning her heart is the ultimate goal of the game.)
Full Demo 8.32MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Full Demo 7MB ( @ DopeRoms)
ISO Demo 489MB (@ LTF Abandonware France)
included in Leisure Suit Larry Collector's Edition (1994 Version) ISO Demo 114Mb (uploaded by Egon68)
(6x 1.44MB) Floppy Image v1.0 (uploaded by Molitor)
included in Leisure Suit Larry Collection (2001 WinXP Version) ISO Demo 143MB (uploaded by Shattered)
VGA version included in: Leisure Suit Larry - GOG Digital ISO Demo 545MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Clone ISO Demo + ISO Demo (mirror) (provided by Kroagnon & upped by Molitor) 514+432MB
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