Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail! Simbiosis Interactive / Telstar Electronic Studios Ltd. 1996

This game in the popular comic adult adventure series featured more fleshed-out, cartoon style graphics and full voice acting. It was the sixth installment (due to the fourth game never being completed. It was the last Larry game created by Al Lowe. After many of the Larry games had gained a reputation for not actually featuring all that much raunchy content when analysed, this installment included some much more risque elements. It was the first game since the third to pick up immediately where its predecessor left off; typically, it features Larry getting dumped by the woman who represented the ultimate goal of Larry 6, Shamara. The formula was much the same as the previous games: the "twist" was that Larry was a passenger on a cruise ship populated by parodies of famous people. Various other pop icons were parodied in the background, such as the Archie Comics gang playing nude volleyball, various incarnations of James Bond in the ship's casino, a Sierra staffer dressed as Sailor Moon, and porn icon Ron Jeremy walking around naked. The plot revolves around Larry's attempt at winning a weekly contest held on the ship by Captain Thygh, a gorgeous blonde. The player must come up with a variety of ways to cheat in each of Larry's assigned competitions so that he can get the highest score and win the contest. Among Larry's chosen competitions are a cooking contest, a "best dressed" contest, a game of horseshoes, bowling, the sexual prowess contest and others. It was also the first Larry game to include a full-fledged minigame: by collecting hidden red-and-white-striped dildos, the player could unlock high quality pin-up desktop wallpapers of the ladies in the game. Players could also "appear" in the game by placing voice samples of selected dialogue and a digitized photo in a particular directory (the default was Al Lowe).
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