Life With Louie: Lake Winnibigoshish Inverse Ink 1996

Fox Kids Network teamed up with the kids at Inverse Ink to produce comic books on CD-ROM based on four different cartoons. This one is based on the popular Fox Saturday-morning cartoon from the mid-1990s, Life with Louie: Lake Winnibigoshish lets you relive an episode of the series by means of an interactive comic book. Witness the humorous antics of Louie and the Anderson family as you click from frame to frame through over 60 animated "hotspots." In addition to simple animations activated by a mouse click, you'll also watch QuickTime sequences straight from the episode on which the story is based and open up folders with "plot clues" adding depth to the tale. The story centers on the Andersons' trip to Lake Winnibigoshish for a vacation. Will Louie be able to fit in with the cool kids and avoid the annoying girl that likes him? Will his father be able to catch the lake's legendary Huskie Muskie?
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ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 256MB

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