Lighthouse: The Dark Being Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1996

Lighthouse is in many ways the most straight-forward Myst clone of them all. Released only shortly after Myst's success became apparent, Sierra gave us one of the more dedicated games in this genre. The quality of the graphics and the technology used, is on par with Myst mostly, but seems slightly outdated today. Basically, the player is a writer who has retreated to small seaside town to get some peace and quiet in preparation for a new story. In his stay in the town, he has befriended the keeper of a nearby lighthouse, which becomes apparent to the player by perusing the various correspondences lying around the starting location (the player's house). On a dark and stormy night (what a terrible cliche) he gets a distressed phone call from the lighthouse keeper, saying that his baby daughter is somehow in peril, and that the player's assistance is urgently needed. From here the player embarks on a journey that will take him/her well beyond our world to a mystical land, whose lost civilization seems threatened by an unspeakably evil being .
CD2 ISO Demo (upped by Gr.Viper)
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Clone 2CD ISO Demo 1.06GB (uploaded by Egon68)
WinXP Setup
Full Demo with DOSBox 982MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
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