Little Monster at School, Mercer Mayer's Living Books / Broderbund 1994

Children spend the day with Little Monster as he goes to school to learn about ABCs, numbers, science, and other subjects. During the day he also takes care of his pet Zipperump-a-zoo, tends his plant, makes a paper airplane, sings, and joins his classmates for recess and lunch! By the time he heads for home, he's had a wonderful day...and even makes a great new friend named Yally. By Mercer Mayer, the game is in both English and Spanish. Stories spring to life with characters that talk and move and sing and dance. Contains sound effects, music, humor, and lots of animations that create a whole new learning experience. Children just point and click. So they can repeat favorite parts, go back, or skip ahead all at their own pace. As the computer reads to them aloud, individual words, phrases, and lines are highlighted. On the pages after the first part of the story is read to you, you can click on objects in the background and find lots of hidden surprises. While you're playing, click on some of background objects and find a little furry mutant.
ISO Demo ~100MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
ScummVM Full Demo 138MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
USA/Spanish ISO Demo 138MB (uploaded by Bandit Keith)
British/French/German ISO Demo 98MB (uploaded by Bandit Keith)

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