Loom Lucasfilm Games 1990

Loom is a strange and beautiful adventure game. The hero is Bobbin Threadbare, a weaver. In the world of Loom, everyone belongs to a guild. Apart from the weavers, there are sheperds, blacksmiths, glass makers. Although you do not know why, you are outcast from the guild and blamed for the lack of prosperity in recent times. After the Council of Elders is attacked and the Elders are turned into swans, you as Bobbin must set forth on a journey to find the swans and try to restore order to the Guild of Weavers. When Bobbin embarks on his quest, he has no inventory (very unusual in an adventure game), he will solve problems not with items, but with "drafts", spells consisting of four notes of music. These drafts can be written down in the beautiful Book of Patterns that is present even in later jewelcase editions. Loom also features three difficultly levels, and differentiates them by changing the way the interface works: Standard features the distaff at the bottom of the screen but notes aren't written, whereas Expert doesn't have the distaff and you have to replay the spells by hearing alone. Loom first came out 1989 on floppies with EGA graphics and a 30-minute audio prologue on tape. 1991 saw a new DOS CD version with VGA graphics and CD music. Thanks to the SCUMMVM engine, it can now be played on a wide variety of platforms.
Full Demo 1MB (@ XTC Abandonware)
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Full Demo VGA 2.8MB (uploaded by Vetusware)
30-Minute "Loom Audio Drama" tape for EGA version 6MB "Loom Audio Drama" 128k better quality 14MB (@ Tentakelvilla.de)
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Enhanced CD Kixx XL ISO Demo 327MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Lucas Arts Classic Adventures included in Various Floppy Adventure Games - Floppy .imz Images ISO Demo 45MB (uploaded by Virgil)
Included in Zehn Adventures - German 2CD ISO 842MB (provided by dead-meat & uploaded by Scaryfun) *collection of 10 German Lucas Arts adventures
GOG Digital ISO v2.0.0.4 + Floppy EGA + Ports + Extras 192MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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