Lugaru Wolfire Software 2005

In Lugaru the players takes under his control an anthropomorphic rabbit, adept of various melee and long-range combat techniques. His name is Turner, his wife has been killed and his only son kidnapped by a band of rogue raiders. At first, the task seems clear, however soon a tangled up conspiracy begins to unravel itself. The brave kung-fu rabbit will have to face wolves, bandits and even treacherous friends to fully understand what exactly is going on. The prominent feature of Lugaru is a unique combat system that takes advantage of skeleton animation in mix with rag-doll physics. The players will have access to various actions at their disposal, each one resulting in different move depending on the context in which the action was performed. The list include simple attacks, attack reversals, counter-reversals, long-range knife attack and a strong rabbit kick. Sometimes, it stands to reason to remain undetected and sneak up on the enemies from behind taking them out one by one. As the game progresses, additional weapons become available, like sword or staff, each one with the techniques of their own.
Level Demo 23MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo v1.05 (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 24MB
HD texture pack and Mods

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