Mad Dog McCree American Laser Games, Inc. / IBM 1993

Mag Dog McCree and his gang have kidnapped the Mayor and his daughter, and its up to you to rescue them. You must blast through bars and bank robberies to take the gang out and save everything you regard as good and true. Where the game differed from other Operation Wolf-influenced shoot 'em ups was in the use of live video, with real people appearing on the screen before you shoot them down. You have unlimited continues with which to reach the end, so the actors will have their screen deaths seen by as many people as they would had they starred in a film. This is the first live-action laserdisc video game released by American Laser Games. It originally appeared as an arcade shooting game in 1990 and gained a lot of attention for its real-video style, bearing similarities to recent Hollywood westerns. It is also arguably the shortest release by the company, as well as the simplest, with mostly static action and little music. The game was re-released by Digital Leisure in 2001 to run on Windows.
Proper ISO Demo 318MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo (uploaded by loki1985) 303 MB
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1993 ISO Demo for DOS 68MB (uploaded by Molitor)
DVD9 ISO Demo 2.98GB (uploaded by

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