Mario's Time Machine Software Toolworks / Mindscape 1993

This is one of several educational games released in the early 90's featuring Mario, and has been compared to a similar educational game, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego. It follows Mario as he travels through time, attempting to recover artifacts stolen by Bowser who is scheming to change the course of history. He and his Koopas are stealing items from world history and putting them in his castle. Determined to stop him, Mario has snuck into Bowser's castle so he can use the time machine to return the stolen objects to their rightful places. It uses a sidescrolling perspective and players must partake in a several mini-games to obtain the needed items. The deluxe version released in 1996 was converted for play on Windows 95 and features full voice overs. It also includes a new library feature which allowed the player to do research on the historical places Mario ends up during the game.
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DOS ISO Demo (uploaded by Old_Schooler) 17MB
1996 Windows Deluxe Edition ISO Demo 112MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Floppy Images ISO Demo (provided by basetta & upped by Scaryfun) 5.5MB
included in Mario Educational Games - UK ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 80MB

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