Math Blaster: Ages 9-12 / Math Blaster for 4th Grade Knowledge Adventure / Davidson & Associates, Inc. 1997

This features the math team of GC Max and Spot, who have recently crash landed on a mysterious planet, and are perched at the rim of a forbidding crater. Your journey into the crater begins your quest. You will need to find pieces of the shattered Medallion of Prosperity. Once you recover and reassemble the medallion you will then need to hand it to the Terrible Monkey King for a reward. To achieve this task and claim the prize, the players will have to think their way around many tricks and traps. The activities in this CD cover 10 essential math skills including, addition, subtraction, and multiplication of equations with 2 and 3 operands, estimating, positive and negative numbers, place value, adding fractions with common and uncommon denominators, decimals and percents, identifying complex patterns and attributes, applying logic to solve equations. There are over 50,000 different problems for hours of fun and learning. Each activity has 3 levels of game play and ten levels of math skills. It also includes Math Blaster: Episode 2 for Windows 3.1.
Math Blaster for 4th Grade - Clone ISO Demo v.1.1c 384MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo v1.0 251MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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