Math Rescue Redwood Games / Apogee Software, Ltd. 1992

Sort of a sequel to Word Rescue, the mean bad aliens Gruzzles are at it again, this time stealing the numbers of the world. It is up to you to explore, slime gruzzles, solve arithmetic problems and explode garbage trucks (which are being used to cart off the numbers). Collect cool prizes, replenish buckets of slime and rack up points while you practice your number facts. Choose to be a boy or a girl. An educational/side-scroller game, Math Rescue has very little gameplay differences with its predecessor, save for the fact that you now solve mathematical puzzles. There are floating boxes in the air, which, if touched, will transport the player inside it, where they must solve a math problem to get points. It includes three episodes in total, called Visit Volcanos and Ice Caves, Follow the Gruzzles into Space and See Candy Land, respectively. Only the first episode is distributed as shareware, while the others are available commercially. Each episode contains 15 levels.

See also: #Math Rescue Plus

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