Missing Game Of The Year: The 13th Victim Lexis Numérique / The Adventure Company 2005

The 13th Victim is an expansion for MISSING, which must be installed. One year after the Lorski/Gijman case, the Phoenix has resurfaced. The serial killer has announced his return with a new CD-ROM detailing a new series of crimes and, once again, lives are in the balance. The CD-ROM must be deciphered to locate the Phoenix's whereabouts and to stop him from killing again. Photos and videos must be analyzed, audio and visual clues must be collected, and e-mails and web sites must be scoured for vital insight into his motives.
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included in Missing: Game Of The Year Edition - 3CD ISO Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun)
included in Missing: Game Of The Year Edition - Clone 3CD ISO Demo 2.21GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Video Walkthrough

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