Mode Anamatics Multimedia / Corel 1996

Mode is designed almost like an interactive art installation. And the number of paths the story can take, the method of communicating to characters within the game, and the style of the game itself really bear this out. The story is a really well-defined yet simple mystery tale. You have arrived at a fashion and art party hosted by Vito Brevis, a mad genius artist-type. You have crashed the party and must find a way of securing a Dome, a silver lapel pin signifying you are "in," one of the invited, beautiful people. Part of the fun of this game is experimenting with the various story paths and character interactions to acquire the Dome, or in trying to play the game through as far as you can without getting bounced from the party for not having a Dome. These story branches actually cause the game to become more elaborate and defined, and I found myself becoming more intrigued by the characters and the story as I tried different things and sent myself down the different directions the game can take. But the acquisition (or not) of the Dome is just one small part of the overall story. There is a deeper mystery that begins to unfold as the story progresses regarding who Vito Brevis really is and what his real intentions are. The thing that makes Mode an exceptional lost jewel of an FMV adventure title is that the developers used a method of communicating with characters called a "Mood Bar." It's a colored strip that runs along the bottom of the screen. The colors in the bar start at a deep fuchsia and move through reds and blues and greens. When a character communicates to you, the player, you do not respond using prewritten choices from a standard conversation tree; instead you pick the "mood" of your response. These choices totally change the outcome of the game. Entirely different things happen with same characters based on the mood used to speak to them.
3CD ISO Demo 1.26GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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