Monet and the Mystery of the Orangerie Museum / Monet: The Mystery Of The Orangery Wanadoo Edition / Media Factory 2000

This ia an adventure with unique looking graphics taken from Monet style of paintings. There is a conflict revolving around the use of the Orangerie building in Paris. One faction wants to use it as a museum to house the works of Monet, and the bad guy, Derrick, wants to extract oil from the site. Get it? Oil? Derrick? The museum option is chosen, and you play as a young architect who has been hired to do the renovation work on the building. But Derrick hasn't given up, and he and his two henchmen hatch a plot to blow up the Orangerie building so that they may take the oil after all. It is up to you to foil their nefarious plans. The game is linear, but within each segment, you have total freedom of movement (it's a realtime 3D game) and can complete many of the tasks out of order. The gameplay incorporates two elements: inventory puzzles and timed sequences, and sometimes a combination of both. In one of the segments, you meet Monet himself and get a chance to look around his studio. Here you can click on several of the works to hear the Monet character talk about them, but that is the extent of the educational value of the game. Though the game is quite short, you really feel as if you were playing inside the paintings themselves and is a unique and beautifully done experience.
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Full Demo ~138Mb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 233MB

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