Moorhuhn in Der Schatz des Pharao [G] phenomedia publishing gmbh / ak tronic Software & Services GmbH 2003

Moorhuhn's first daring leap into the Adventure genre. The game's story leads Scottish archaeologist and adventurer Moorhuhn (in Indiana Jones-style including hat) to far away Egypt where great danger awaits: after a curse lasting 4000 years, pharaoh Tutatüt awakes in the depth of the pyramid of Inshalalala in order to rule the world. As the title suggests, there is also a magnificent treasure involved. Moorhuhn has to overcome many obstacles, solve riddles and complete a number of dangerous tasks before he finally succeeds to obtain the pharaoh's treasure. He travels - sometimes on foot, sometimes by aircraft - through an animated comic Egypt, be it through scorching deserts with the occasional oasis or gloomy tombs inside of ancient pyramids. As can be expected of an adventure, he has to talk to people and find clues in order to continue his journey.
German XS Level Demo ~12MB ( @ T Online)
German XXL Full Demo 142MB (uploaded by zobraks)
German XXL ISO Demo 283MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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