Mortalus: The Quest for Immortality H+A Entertainment (I. Hoffman + Associates, Inc.) 1997

An exciting role-playing action game from the maker of UFOs, Celtica, and Gems of Darkness. Mortalus takes players into a three-dimensional world of medieval adventures. Can you find the source of immortality or will you fall slain to the Servants of the Hand? Will your hunt lead you to the curse of the Dark Brotherhood or will you triumph in the powers held within the Book of Dark Knowledge? Mortalus offers action-packed animations with 3D rendered Alias and 3D Studio Max virtual environments, full-screen video, 16-bit color, and Logic, 3D and VRML puzzles which build in difficulty. This is an adventure game full of puzzles and inventory management. It has a confusing storyline that manages to be engaging even though you aren't always certain what you are doing. It uses QuickTime to render full motion video and other animations so they often have a blurring pixellated effect. Some of the background graphics are quite stylish and dark, setting an interesting medieval scene. Many reviewers criticized the graphics, but they are more than adequate for the game. Likewise, the acting was unfairly criticized in most reviews and is above average in my opinion. It would have been good to have a text option to make out some of what was said. The background music could be a little intrusive, making voices difficult to understand. The voice acting of the protagonist must be highlighted as the best actor in the game. Ambient and background noises complemented the game adequately. The inclusion of "health" as registered on the palm of your hand did not affect gameplay but added to the feeling of urgency, knowing that you could be "overtaken by the curse" and die.
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ISO Demo 545MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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