Muppet Treasure Island Activision, Inc. 1996

This is a children's point-and-click adventure game that is fun for all ages. The game is based on the Muppet Treasure Island movie. Search for buried treasure in the Muppets' version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic epic. Visit new lands, meet swashbuckling pirates, and discover a treasure-trove of puzzles, activities and learning gems in this rollicking interactive treasure hunt. The game is divided into 4 parts. The Benbow Inn - Your adventure begins in this pirates' retreat - with help from Gonzo and Rizzo, you might find the hidden Treasure Map. Bristol - Boarding a treasure-bound ship from Bristol's docks is no easy task - you'll have to earn your passage first. The Hispaniola - Learn the tools of the trade from Captain Smollett and earn the honor of navigating this mighty ship to Treasure Island. Treasure Island - Your final destination! Use everything you've learned along the way to find the fabled buried treasure. In each part there are a number of tasks to complete which are fairly simple. In the game, the player is "Hawkins," who leaves the Admiral Benbow Inn to sail to Treasure Island. Gonzo and Rizzo accompany the player - and so does Stevenson the Parrot, a new Muppet character who provides hints throughout the game. The Muppet characters are seen as video clips overlaid on an animated background. There are 2 hours of full-screen video featuring live-action characters - Tim Curry and Billy Conolly from the movie.
3CD ISO Demo 923MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Clone 3CD ISO Demo 914MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Full Demo with DOSBox 922MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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