Murran Chronicles Weggieware Games 2009

These episodic games are made with the AGS by Chris Jones and are graphical point-and-click type adventure games similar to the old Sierra and LucasArts games of the 80s and 90s. The games are all free to download and play. The primary inspirations for these games are the truly excellent Ben Jordan series by Francisco Gonzalez (Grundislav Games), the X-Files and and all the other nerdy sci-fi stuff the creator loved over the years. Episode 1: Jersey Devil - While visiting your cousin in Leeds Point, New Jersey, a neighbor child goes missing. Being in the FBI (though a desk-jockey, not the field-op type), you are thrust into the middle of the investigation. Did the legendary creature take the child, as the mother claims? Or is something more nefarious at hand in the sleepy southern New Jersey pine barrens? Episode 2: Talons of Terror - You are moved to another division of the FBI and promoted to special agent status. This new division investigates the stranger cases, and this is one of them. Cattle have been mutilated, taken long distances from their farms and eaten by something. There have been sightings of large creatures in the sky and three unsolved murders within recent months. You are thrust into an investigation ripe with intrigue as you explore Montana while trying to solve the mystery of who or what is killing the cattle, and why three people have turned up dead. Could it be a creature thought extinct millions of years ago? Or do the Sioux Indians have something to do with it? Episode 3: Lifedrinker of Landsdowne - You are given a case involving mysterious deaths in Landsdowne, Massachusetts. The bodies of two men in their early twenties have been found recently, and according to local authorities both dead men looked to be in their seventies when their bodies were found. There is no explanation as both men were thought to be healthy, and in the prime of their lives. Add to this the odd reports of a pack of animals roaming the town at night, and you have your work cut out for you. Is there some sort of vampire creature on the loose as some of the town rumors suggest? What is behind the rumors of odd goat-like creatures that have been seen after nightfall? Are the two related?
Free Episodes 1 - 3 (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 131.5MB

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