Myst Masterpiece Edition Cyan Worlds Inc., Red Orb Entertainment / Mindscape Inc. 1999

The enhanced version of one of the bestselling cd-rom games of all time is the same game with the same puzzles, but the graphics are now 24-bit, the music has been remastered, new sound effects have been added, and the game now installs and plays very easily in Win95/98. In addition, there is a new online hint system - if you get stuck, you simply click on the bottom of the screen. Three levels of hints are available, from gentle nudge to outright spoiler. The swellest new addition is a map of each world.
2003 10th Anniversary Edition DVD ISO Demo 1.31GB (uploaded by Scaryfun & zobraks)
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & uploaded by Scaryfun) 551MB
Black Screen Fix
Good Old Games Digital Download ISO Demo 411MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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