Myst V: End Of Ages Cyan Worlds / Ubi Soft Entertainment 2005

This is the last in the popular 3D puzzle adventure series which revolutionized adventures and games in general. Developed by the original creators of Myst (Rand Miller and his studio at Cyan Worlds) unfortunately before most of the staff was disbanded, it improves upon a series already renowned as the pinnacle of adventure gaming. Decide the fate of a civilization as you embark on an epic journey into the heart of a shattered empire as the only explorer who can still save it - or destroy it with the wrong choices. Your final choice is clouded by the counsel of those who tried and failed. After generations of pain, the legacy of Myst and the burden that one family has shared comes to a final judgment. Return to the roots of Myst's traditional user interface. Explore vast 3D worlds with just a click of the mouse. The first new gameplay element ever introduced in the Myst series - a dynamic new slate interface lets you alter you environment and communicate with mysterious creatures to do your bidding. There's new photorealistic worlds ripe with life, weather, movement and mystery. The 3D scenes spring to life through a live-action video technique new to video games. Innovative facial mapping technology - "face over" - brings characters alive with unprecedented emotion and expressiveness. Character-driven help system assists players of all levels.
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Level Demo 270MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Limited Edition - ISO Demo 4GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
DVD ISO Demo 1.6GB (uploaded by Meddle)
Good Old Games Digital Download ISO Demo 3.27GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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