Mystic House [G] Sono Press, Dosch Design / Megadream Software 1997

Harp Gangler always wondered what is hidden in the old abandoned house on the hill on which he passes on his evening walks. The village is rumored has there weird things. There is talk of ghosts and trolls, which drift under the command of a tyrannical, Scottish spirit here to mischief. Few villagers had intruded in recent decades in the house, but never came out again. Today, on this mild summer evening, Harp's curiosity is stronger than his fear of the big, creepy house and he decides to look around. No sooner has he entered the house, the door slams shut and will not open anymore. Also all windows are locked. Harp's only way is to look in the house to find a way out.
German ISO Demo 299MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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