Mystic Palace [It] BMM GmbH / Microforum 1998

The Mystery of the enchanted House. When you see the scene in which this fantastic graphical adventure is carried out, a shiver of fear will run down your back. You will find yourselves all inside a palace of gothic style, with high thick ceilings and walls. Along the perimeter of the room are 12 doors placed. When you try to open them: you will discover that they enclose an enigmatic mystery. You will have to sharpen your talent in order to come to some solution: it won't be easy, but a diversion is guaranteed. If you have made the effort to resolve the enigmas of Myst - a classic for the lovers of this sort of game - you will appreciate Mystic Palace for sure, that many challenges await.
Italian ISO Demo 140MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
German ISO (provided by Gamecare & upped by Scaryfun) 352MB

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