New Kid On The Block Living Books / Broderbund 1993

With Living Books first interactive poetry book, children are encouraged to learn the meaning of words by exploring poems. They'll meet an ugly dog, a leaking baby and the exploding Bloders. They'll giggle at the antics of a chorus line of 40 dancing bananas and laugh as fearless Tillie eats her fiery chili. In this irresistible collection of 18 hilarious poems, Prelutsky displays and unerring instinct for subjects that appeal to children. A giant step beyond ordinary electronic books, Living Books are stories and poems touched by magic and brought to life with characters that talk and move and sing and dance. Wonderful worlds, begging to be explored, open up at each turn of the page. With sound effects, music, humor and lots of animations, it's a whole new learning experience. Simple to use means children just point and click. So they can repeat a favotrite part, go back or skip ahead, all at their own pace. Reading skills grow through word recognition. Words, phrases and lines can be highlighted individually; the computer then reads them aloud, and animations convey their meaning.
ISO Demo 75MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
ScummVM Full Demo 74MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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