Oregon Trail 5th Edition The Learning Company 2001

Westward, Ho! Are you ready to travel the Oregon Trail? It's going to take insight and careful planning to choose the right traveling companions, gear, and supplies. Even then, there are countless unpredictable hazards, like swollen rivers, poisonous creatures, and deadly diseases. You'll have to strategize and make quick decisions. And they'll have to be right. Decide your occupation, who you'll take with you, and where you're headed! Talk with pioneers—Irish, African Americans, Native Americans, and other settlers. Share their dreams, fears, and adventures. Ford raging rivers. Hunt, fish, and forage for food. Be a part of the taming of the wild West. From the banks of the great Mississippi to the sweeping Williamette Valley, you'll carve your own trail through an historic adventure. Through riveting mini-movies, you'll befriend Captain Jed Freedman, an experienced fur trader who is trail-wise and a great story-teller.
ISO Demo 584MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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