Panty Raider: From Here to Immaturity Hypnotix, Inc. / Simon & Schuster Interactive 2000

This is from the makers of Deer Avenger and offers the same low-brow humor. It also was protested as sexist and degrading to girls by a parents group. A catalog of frilly underthings worn by babe-a-licious models has been delivered to the wrong address in the wrong galaxy. Discovered by three excitable aliens of the male persuasion (sorta), the catalog has only whetted their appetite for more. Now these aliens have traveled the galaxy in search of more models to photograph - and they'll destroy the earth if you (in the role of mild-mannered Nelson) don't help them to get what they want! Use all sorts of Gadgets such as X-Ray specs, shoot underwear-removing goop and a camera. You can lure supermodels with Tic Tacs ("the model's meal of choice," says the announcer) and toilets ("the model's steering wheel to fame"). For the record, the characters are animated, there is no nudity and the language is suggestive but not vulgar. You need to use your charm and your credit card to get as much underwear as you can to save the planet.
ISO Demo 124MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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