Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episodes 1-2 Hothead Games 2008

Based on the webcomic Penny Arcade, this is a 3D action-adventure game that will be distributed episodically several times a year via download. Set in 1922 in a pulp horror storyline, players create their protagonist who gets swept up in a world of mystery and adventure when a large robot destroys the main character's house during a leaf raking session. Determined to get to the bottom of what happened (and finding a new place to live in the process), the player runs into the Startling Developments Detective agency, run by Gabe and Tycho. Along the way, the team will encounter a series of characters from the web comic, fighting zombies, homeless people, mimes and Fruit Fuckers in an attempt to solve this bizarre series of events. They can fight with attacks including punching, kicking, and tommy-guns. The game uses cel-shaded graphics. It mixes 3D gameplay with 2D interstials and cinematics. The gameplay consists mostly of seek-and-find puzzles, reminiscent of adventure games, where the player must collect items and return them to a character to advance the plot. They can also collect spare robot parts to upgrade their weapons. Battles consist of a real time combat system similar to the ATB system of Final Fantasy Games, with context sensitive button presses reducing damage or being used to carry out special attacks. Players will also be able to summon other characters for combat help, and level up new abilities as the story progresses. Story elements are conveyed in a comic strip style. During conversation, players engage in a multiple selection story tree in an attempt to gain support or information, or simply just harass and insult characters in typical "Penny Arcade" fashion. Episode 1 came out in May/2008 while Episode 2 Nov/2008 has new difficulty settings, and more puzzles, areas to explore and levels to gain.
Screenshots Ep.#
 1  2 
Level Demos Episode 1 209MB Episode 2 310MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Episode 1 - Full Demo 210MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Episode 2 - Full Demo 310MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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