Perry Rhodan: Thoregon - Brucke in die Unendlichkeit [G] Main Screen / NBG EDV Handels- und Verlags GmbH & Co. KG 1998

This game is based on the German Perry Rhodan dime novels, more precisely the set Die Brücke in die Unendlichkeit which belong to the cycle Thoregon. The background: In the 49. century the humans switch the planets Mars and Trokan because a radiation from Mars endangers the terrestrial population. But Trokan gets in a time lapse and 250 million years pass by. Then the time lapse collapses and the humans discover a mysterious culture. The game begins when Perry Rhodan is in the secret base Camelot and receives a message from the scientist Attaca Meganon. Then the player takes Rhodan's place and searches after Meganon, eventually on Trokan. The game itself is played like many Myst-inspired games: The player walks through rendered backgrounds, collects items and uses them in the right spot. Other puzzles are logic based, e.g. pressing buttons on a panel to open a door and other brain teasers. Sometimes the player gets to hear monologues from other characters.
4CD German ISO Demo 745MB (uploaded by Cutter Slade)

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