Plot of the Cyberhead / Plot of the Cyberheads Andre Bullitt / Chestnut New Media 1996

It is an interactive comic book, whose complete storyline comes to life with over 50 graphics, over 50 3D animation and live active video clips, and over 50 audio narration and sound effects. How well you play the game determines the ending to the story. Your job is to defeat the Cyberhead, an evil alien that's attempting to take over the earth. You play as the commander of a series of El Paso police officers who man robots travelling trying to defeat the Cyberhead and his cohorts, giant robots with lasers, known as 'Killerbots'. You see, a scientist fed up with society went to a mountain retreat and discovered a way to fuse virtual reality and the 'net. Here he found paradise, and peace. But one day entered the wrong site. He ran into some sort of online alien entity that gained control of him, wouldn't allow him to log off or shut off his VR suit. It began to fill his mind with information, and make him insane. Glitz learned of an alien plot to take over the world using hyper-dimensional tunnels to plot chips and then leave without a trace. You control a team of women specially trained to use robotic suits to defend against aliens and criminals who use similar suits. You travel through hyper-dimensional tunnels until you come to a tower. Then you choose left or right. Guess the correct way to go and you continue. If you don't then it's game over, just like that. And when you do make it to a tower you have to place in a code to shut off the enemy blocking your way. The dates are based on important times in history, such as when a comet hit Jupiter, or the fall of the Berlin Wall. If you read the journal all those important dates are listed.
ISO Demo 196MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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