Private Investigator Image Line / Private Media 1996

Private Investigator is a game with a split personality; it opens like a movie, begins play like The Seventh Guest (wandering around a raytraced animated world via a full-screen display with various iconically represented options), and finishes up like Duke Nukem (before they went 3D) with an arcade-like shoot-em-up that isn't half bad for killing a half-hour or so. Most of the gameplay actually ends up here, where you dodge tall basketball players, avoid killing old ladies in wheelchairs, score points for spending quality time with any women you can find, and kill the Jackie Chan-esque bad guys in black pants. Simple, linear, and easy to rack up the points. Thank goodness it's easy to rack up the points, because your reward at the end of each successful level is a little of that quality time with your buxom employer. The game even included a password protect and additional levels on the internet for download.
Full Demo 25MB (thanks to Virgil & uploaded by Scaryfun)
Custom ISO Demo 393MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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