The Vortex: Quantum Gate II Hyperbole Studios 1994

In this sequel, you assume the role of Drew Griffin, a young soldier recruited to fight a war against an anthropomorphic alien race on a distant world. The year is 2057. Due to severe environmental pollution, Earth has only five years to live. Only a rare mineral exists on the planet AJ3905 can reverse this environmental Armageddon. At the end of the original Quantum Gate, you and your comrades are transported through an interplanetary device called the Quantum Gate to destroy the alien inhabitants in order to excavate the needed minerals. Through your Virtual Reality tophat display, they appear in the form of alien bugs. When your tophat suddenly malfunctions, however, you discover that you have been tricked by your commanding officer Colonel Saunders to destroy a seemingly peaceful race known as the Aylinde instead. It's played entirely from a first person perspective. Various icons appear intermittently during playback of Full Motion Videos that convey the story throughout the game. By clicking on these icons, it allows the player to make inquires, guide Drew’s actions, or display emotions. The emotion can be anger, balance, or sorrow. Some icons trigger supplemental videos to simulate various moments of flashbacks by Drew. Responses differ depending on the player's choices. An unprecedented six hours of digital video is backed by a Hollywood quality production, with over 30 professional actors forming the cast. Photorealistic 16-bit graphics provide an immersing environment that can be explored in detail. The story is engaging and has an unexpected ending.
3CD ISO Demo 1.2 GB (uploaded by Egon68)
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