Quest For Yrolg Crystal Shard 2008

From the makers of A Tale Of Two Kingdoms comes this parody adventure game. Rather than playing the hero who defeats the Dark Master, you play as a minion who has to kill three heroes so that his Dark Master can take over the world. Since you're too weak to physically fight the heroes, you'll have to trick and out-wit them. To assist you in this, the Master's dark lair contains a muddy pool with a tentacle monster, a torture chamber, a dragon and, of course, a bottomless pit. Also making an appearance is Muggit, the evil cousin of Cuppit, the office assistant from earlier Crystal Shard games. This was written in Adventure Game Studio, runs in high resolution (rather than the classic 320x200) and contains voice acting. The heroes move in real-time through the same rooms as you do. In Dec/2016, a commercial version was released with a number of important enhancements, including graphical upgrades and full voice acting.
Free Game with Voice Pack 18MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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