Rainbow Fish: The Most Beautiful Fish in the Ocean Lexis Numérique / DK Multimedia 2001

Based on Marcus Pfister's bestselling children's books, Rainbow Fish is an amazing underwater adventure filled with games and activities that develop early math, story comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Rainbow Fish's sparkling scales have been stolen by three cunning crabs. As children explore the beautifully-rendered 3D world, they will gradually piece together all the information they need to lead them to the crabs and the stolen scales. Every shape they match correctly, every melody they recognize and every action game they successfully complete will take them a little bit closer to finding the scales and making Rainbow Fish beautiful again! 15 Learning Games and Activities Develop Skills in: Early math, Problem solving, Deductive thinking, logic, and reasoning, Critical thinking, Memory and concentration, and Visual and auditory awareness.
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 340MB

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