Ravenloft: Stone Prophet DreamForge Intertainment, Inc. / Strategic Simulations, Inc. 1995

This is the second computer role-playing game based on the highly acclaimed AD&D 2nd Edition Ravenloft game world, and begins when your characters become trapped in a wasteland haunted by unnatural creatures, fierce sand storms, and cursed villagers afflicted by a horrible rotting disease. Your party's only hope of escape is to follow the advice of a blind seer and seek out the Stone Prophet, a huge, hieroglyphic wall hidden deep within a mysterious obelisk. Some say the writings on the wall, when deciphered, may lead the party to freedom...or to death. One thing is certain, a great conflict has been foreseen, and the mummy lord is gathering his forces.
Full Demo 18MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
ISO Demo (upped by keropi)

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