Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade: Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventure The Learning Company 2001

This release offers an adventure designed to put second grade level skills to good use. Children can jump straight to activities that focus on a certain skill or play the games in the order that they are introduced through an interactive storyline. Kids solve puzzles geared towards basic science and math, reading, and grammar to progress through a story that brings Reader Rabbit and the gang to explore the lands of Cheesemore Island. Reader Rabbit and his friend Sam the Lion are innocently piloting their Dreamship through the sky when--from out of nowhere - a Pie Rat ship attack knocks them for a loop. The ship crashes into a sticky mass of cheese on a high mountaintop, while Sam and Reader Rabbit fall into the sea below. In Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade: Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventures, players must get the intrepid adventurers back to the ship before the Pie Rats take it over. Aimed at children in the second grade, this Reader Rabbit program offers a challenging series of educational games. Players must climb Mount Cheesemore, for example, by completing a series of math formulas. The challenge is to place the cheese blocks correctly, in such a way that all the formulas are balanced. Getting one or two of the numbers to tally may be easy, but completing the third can be quite the test. In another game, crossing a fast-flowing river depends on the user's ability to make compound words, or to identify synonyms and antonyms. The games are perfect for children studying or previewing a second-grade curriculum. They are set at a perfect range of difficulty, simple at first, but with an automatic increase in toughness as players master the spelling, science, and math skills presented in the activities. At higher levels, parental assistance may be required to complete the puzzles. What's more, players must complete some tasks in order to get to others - there is no way to skip out on the language or science drills if you want to rescue the Dreamship.
ISO Demo (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Clone ISO Demo v3.1 282MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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