RedJack: The Revenge of the Brethren CyberFlix / THQ, Inc. 1998

Redjack was a pirate, only known to you as a legend. He robbed Cartagena of its riches and was gunned down by Spanish ships when one of his men betrayed him most foully. Wounded unto death, he cursed his treasure for 17 years and told the handful of men remaining that whoever discovered the traitor responsible would have Redjack's share of the treasure. Then he died and, at that very moment, you were born. Unfortunately, this occurrence has, for some reason, marked you for death. Your name is Nicholas Dove and you grew up on the tiny island of Lizard Point on a farm with your brother. But you wanted no part of farming and instead preferred to roam the island, dreaming of your future and what you want it to be. You think you want to be a pirate and now you just might get your chance since assassins are after you and you must escape Lizard Point if you want to live. Now you're forced to run away, become a pirate and search for answers, a pursuit that entails obligations of its own. What does Redjack have to do with you? Why are assassins after you? Can you escape the island and make something of yourself? Can you run the mystery to ground? There's only one way to find out - take to the sea and solve the mystery of Redjack: Revenge of the Brethren. The graphic adventure utilizes CyberFlix's DreamFactory 5.0 technology and contains more than 40 puzzles, fights and adventures, locations ranging from the West Indies to English villages and more than 20 animated, 3D characters in 32-bit color on three CDs.
3CD ISO Demo 1.62GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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