Rescue The Scientists Compton's New Media 1994

Einstein Needs Your Help! The aliens from the Planet Glixer II are traveling through time, kidnapping great scientists: Curie, Archimedes, Newton and more, erasing their memories and their contributions to society! One by one, their discoveries and inventions disappear: seismographs, stethescopes, prisms, x-rays, maps and more! In Rescue The Scientists, you rocket after the Glixers in a time machine, saving the world by reminding the great minds who they are and the wonders they've done. Jump start Albert Einstein's memory on his theory of relativity, Shake up Chang-Heng's seismograph, and untangle Rosalind Franklin's double Helix! Wacky characters join in with the kidnapped scientists to give you 10 different scenarios throughout history, 40 challenging arcade sequences and forty puzzles with 3 difficulty levels to discover. You will learn while you're having fun! Save the world as we know it, grab the keys to the time machine and get ready to rescue the scientists! Featuring Christopher Lloyd as the fact-filled Lt. Jack Tempus, Time Cop.
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Full ISO Demo 336MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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