Riana Rouge Black Dragon Productions 1997

Her boss is a sleaze with politically incorrect views on how to interact with his female employees. Unfortunately, Riana Rouge, his abused secretary, tries to intervene during one of his blatant attempts at sexually harassing a new stenographer and is violently thrown through the penthouse window for her troubles. But instead of falling to her death, she is magically transported into another dimension, a world where an Evil Stranger tyrannically rules and threatens all existence. Riana Rouge, a reluctant heroine played by Playboy's Miss April '96 Gillian Bonner, finds herself confronted with three distinct locales within this strange world. Her very survival depends upon her ability to transform herself from a meek, naïve and timid individual into a super heroine. As her adventure unfolds, she will have to deal with a species of endangered aliens, a temptation-filled world that threatens self-destruction and an underwater prison world filled with torture and dementia. Riana Rouge is an action/adventure game that features live actors and actresses interposed on a background of artistically rendered environments and is geared toward an adult or mature audience. Using both full motion and motion-capture video, the game's interface is entirely mouse driven and relies on point-and-click for action and point-and-drag for inventory management. The game contains puzzles and interactive decision making as implements of story development and a rock-music soundtrack.
3CD ISO Demo 1.02GB (uploaded by hfric)

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