Ripper Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. 1996

This interactive FMV adventure has an all-star cast including Scott Cohen, Christopher Walken, Ossie Davis, Karen Allen, Burgess Meredith, John Rhys-Davies, Paul Giamatti, and Jimmie JJ Walker. It includes music from the Blue Oyster Cult. It is Manhattan in the year 2040. You are Jake Quinlan, the handsome ace reporter for the Virtual Herald; a daily cyberspace-distributed newspaper. In this time of mind-blowing technologies, no one would have expected anything like this to happen. They would have never anticipated that the Ripper would return over 150 years later, but he did, better than ever, eviscerating his victims and leaving no trace of his presence or method. You get to explore 3D environments, talk to various characters, hang out in virtual reality, solve puzzles, and try to save your hide as people drop like flies around you. There are three levels of difficulty for puzzles, three for combat (yes, there's combat) and four different possibilities as to who the Ripper is that change with every new game you start. The game contains 3 hours of video footage.
6CD ISO Demo (uploaded by Scaryfun)
WinXP Setup
Patches 1.03 + 1.05 823+398kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
DOSBox Setup
Full Demo with DOSBox 3.61GB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
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